🚀 Revolutionize your FiveM server management with Boss Menu! 🚀

Discover a set of tools designed to improve your business management. It has everything you need to make playing on your Fivem server easier, everything is available at your fingertips.

👥 Employee Management: Easily oversee your team with tools for hiring, badge editing, and license distribution. Keep track of who's online and manage permissions seamlessly.

🚘 Vehicle Fleet: Control your fleet with a full vehicle list, history logs, and ownership details. Change ownership and manage vehicles efficiently.

💳 Financial Control: Handle payments and transaction histories with the Banking tab, ensuring complete control over your company's finances.

Work Time Tracker: Monitor employee activities and reset work times, crucial for managing human resources.

🔧 Settings: Customize Discord webhooks for automatic activity logging directly on your company's Discord.

🛜 Export data to Google Docs for detailed analysis.

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  • script is working with any framework

Invest in Boss Menu to revolutionize how you manage business on your FiveM server. Your company's growth and efficiency are just a click away! 🌟