1. Download latest versionn from GitHub

  2. Place the script in your FiveM resources directory

  3. Add the script to your server configuration:

ensure pp-bridge
  1. Ensure proper start order in your server configuration:

ensure oxmysql
ensure ox_lib
ensure your_framework
ensure your_inventory
ensure your_target
ensure pp-bridge
ensure pixelprecision_scripts
  1. Configure scripts that you are using using convars:

setr pp-bridge:Framework "auto" -- "auto" | "esx" (es_extended) | "qb" (qb-core) | "qbox" (qbx_core)
setr pp-bridge:Inventory "auto" -- "auto" | "esx" (native es_extended) | "qb" (native qb-core) | ox_inv (ox_inventory) | qb_inv (qb-inventory)
setr pp-bridge:Database "auto" -- "auto" | "esx" (es_extended) | "qb" (qb-core) | "qbox" (qbx_core)
setr pp-bridge:Target "auto" -- "auto" | "ox" (ox_target) | "qb" (qb-target)
  1. Your bridge is ready to work! 🎉

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